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Here it is!  Get ready for the abundance and blessings headed your way!  Make sure you share this with your family, friends, and co-workers so they can experience the joy of practicing gratitude daily too. Simply click on the image below to access your free printable PDF.

One Hundred Blessings Template
Click on image above to download and print your free PDF.
Click on above image for full disclosure.
Click on above image for full disclosure.


Is it time for you and your spouse to be an “open book” with each other?  If infidelity played a role in your relationship, it is important that we share this personal/private information with each other. Make sure you keep your passwords in a safe place.

Get as creative as you would like.  I used elastic cording, silver duct tape, and a charm to decorate mine:



You can just staple the pages together or put in a three ring binder.  Whatever works for you.

Click on image below to print your FREE Password Cheat Sheet Cover:

Password Cheat Sheet Cover
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When printing your inside pages, make sure to print a two-sided copy and flip on short edge.  Make as many copies as you need.  Click on image below to print. Use the blank circle on each page to fill in letters A to Z to keep your passwords organized alphabetically.


Password Cheat Sheet Inside Pages
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Oh, the benefits of ADULT COLORING!  Before you check out your custom created mandala’s, please watch and listen to Nikita describe the benefits of adult coloring:

In 2010, Nikita graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. During her time in college, while trying to figure out her next steps, her first nephew was diagnosed with autism, and his younger brother shortly after. She started watching her nephews during their therapy sessions and became more involved and interested in autism in children, to the point where it affected her career path. She has worked as a special education teacher’s assistant, working with preschool-age children with a wide varieties of physical and cognitive disabilities. Prior to this, she was a behavior interventionist for school-age children with autism. She also has experience as a Residential Program Instructor, working with adults who have developmental disabilities. In 2014, she graduated from Grossmont College, and became a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Her first year after graduating, she worked in a pediatric outpatient clinic, and she currently works for the San Diego Unified School District. Her passion for knowledge is only surpassed by her passion for spreading positivity, and helping others to live their best lives in any way she can.

Two Custom Mandala’s Created Especially For You…

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