2016 #ClutterDiet Stocking Stuffer Wish List

2016 #ClutterDiet Stocking Stuffer Wish List
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What is a #ClutterDiet Stocking Stuffer Wish List?

First, let me explain what a #ClutterDiet is…

Click on above image for full disclosure.
Click on above image for full disclosure.

Going on a #ClutterDiet is simply eliminating what we don’t want or need to make room for what’s important. It’s our path towards minimalism and that means something different for everyone. We want less “things” and more experiences.

As minimalists in the making, my husband and I decided we don’t need to give each other gift wrapped presents under the tree this year. We consider the vacation(s) we take as our ultimate gift to each other because vacations are experiences.

We’re very appreciate of all gifts given to us from our family and friends. We know that most of them put true thought and heart into it. If asked, we will tell them that we are on a #ClutterDiet. We love experiences, consumables, and gift cards!

That doesn’t mean our home is empty. We still surround ourselves with things that truly make us happy. We still like to cook and entertain. I read and write in my journal every single day. I enjoy adult coloring. My husband hunts, creates in his shop, and loves to “putz”. We are just more intentional about what comes into our home now.

Santa…here’s my wish list! I don’t need it all, but I’ve been a very good girl this year. Thank you in advance for respecting my #ClutterDiet over the holidays.

On my quest to purge, minimize, and organize our family photos, I could really use some memory cards and storage:

If you can fit a rolled up magazine in my stocking, you can fit a document scanner in my stocking!

You can never go wrong with a gift certificate (as long as I purchase something that serves me and my family, brings us joy, or is consumable):

Shop Gift Cards at Food52


Shop Amazon Gift Cards!

It’s almost 2017 and I’m ready for a new journal…from my favorite company (helps me purge the mind clutter):

Quality Journals & Notebooks >>

I love e-books but when a book from the library touches your soul and changes your life, I want to own that book:


Let’s talk about the consumable things I love. A special treat for me (I’ll share) Christmas day:

Wine Legacy





You can print out a gift letter for me and give me a gift that keeps on giving all year long (and it’s consumable):

The Coffee Taster's Club

Santa…I’m very fortunate and very blessed already. I’m grateful for all that I have. Please remember the people in my area that don’t have a place to stay warm this winter. Bless them with some comfort, too, this holiday season:



Ugly Christmas Sweaters


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