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Author Wendy Kay
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I created The Twelve Foundations for Successful Transformation to help women live their lives well from the inside out.

My first book is based on the infidelity that took place in my past marriage. I wrote it to encourage and inspire other women who are dealing with an unfair affair. I wrote it shortly after receiving my life coaching certification through SWIHA and, although I no longer offer one-on-one coaching, I continue to “coach” through my writing.

God comes first, but I know the importance of making myself a priority in all of my relationships at home and in my community. My motto is: Live your life well from the inside out. By taking care of you, you can better love and serve those around you.

I blog and write about The Twelve Foundations for Successful Transformation. Please sign up to receive all of my latest blog posts using the sidebar form.

I’m married to the most handsome, attentive, caring, loving (okay…enough already) man.  Between the two of us we have seven children and four grandchildren.

My passions are reading, crocheting, taking naps, gardening, eating, looking at pics of food, and traveling. I can’t wait to cross eat fresh lobster in Maine off my bucket list.


I’m a homemaker and minimalist in the making😉. A homemaker who writes.



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